Inspired by the natural beauty of the valley and the uniqueness of the rocky dells, our vision renders a setting where authentic ambience dwells comfortably alongside communion with nature. The sensation of community is paramount in The Dells, where neighbors become friends and the neighborhood harmonizes with the natural beauty surrounding it. The community aligns sustainable and ecologically sensible materials with master craftsmanship to create a mesmerizing backdrop where nature and neighborhood organically blend.


The Dells endures as a setting where man-made structures of harmonic design and elemental beauty bow to the natural habitat surrounding them, where oneness with nature becomes possible. Perpetually amazed by the natural beauty surrounding them, residents realize nature’s powerful allure as the tonic to life’s exponential demands.


Panoramic views of the Granite Dells and surrounding mountains adorn the rocky terrain and natural vegetation. Pre-Cambrian rock outcroppings that are billions of years old define the area, home to numerous species of plants and animals basking in their natural habitat. Preservation and celebration of this rolling valley’s splendor remain an essential part of our vision.


The use of wood, stone, metal and glass present a breathtaking complement to what nature has graciously afforded. The warmth and inviting impact of wood tempers the aged metal, stone and other earth materials portrayed throughout the community. Symbolism abounds in Southwest Ranch style, created by our team as a more innovative, updated and sustainable answer to traditional homes clustered among granite boulders or dotting rustic ranches. Each chosen element of The Dells’ construction – wood, stone, metal, and glass – represents an ecological variation on history, creating an extraordinary setting in which to escape the mundane.


Our vision for The Dells is to create infrastructure that blends with the beauty of the Granite Dells and majestic views – working with natural colors and conforming with the scenic surroundings. Each of our featured builders embraces this vision and will help create a lifestyle that is as unique as the Granite Dells themselves. The community entrance features will follow an Old World European tradition of filling metal framework with readily available local materials, such as wood and stone. This “gabion” method originally was used for erosion control, foundations, retaining walls and military defenses. Now, these natural components will help create a brand new neighborhood that many will call home.

Metal – underscores the historic impact of gold, copper, silver and lead-zinc mining

Glass – highlights local lakes and the innovative malleability of culture and history

Stone – celebrates the natural landscape on its journey from molten rock

Wood – Harmonizes nature’s perfect wonder for shelter with the strong architectural design that will create the community